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Stable performance at high load

The Electronic Unit Injection system delivers 600PS and a peak 232kgm of torque from the 12.7 liter in-line 6 cylinder engine.

The robustly-designed unit was specifically conceived as a heavy duty engine with the ability to serve the professional and commercial market. It has stable performance at high load and responds well to sudden load changes.

Excellent power and torque in a wide rpm range proves Hyundai SeasAll's diesel development capabilities are world-class and beats the performance of competition's comparable models.

Economy is assured by the state-of-the-art fuel management system featuring electronic unit injectors (EUI). The electronic engine control system makes it lighter, quieter and more fuel efficient in an surprisingly compact package.

The well-optimized Hyundai SeasAll L600 will deliver powerful acceleration, rapid reaction to command and outstanding driving pleasure which will please the most seasoned marine professional.

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