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  • What if I already have fin stabilizers?
    No problem. You can still add a gyro stabilizer and have stabilization at zero speed, or while on anchor as well. Although our gyro unit does not require fins to be stabilized at speed, if you already have fins and want more stabilization they will work together.
  • Can I use multiple smaller units to fit into tighter areas?
    Yes, this is no problem at all. Once your sizing has been done we can easily match multiple units to get the same effect as one larger unit. All units would need to run at the same time, and all the units would need to be the same size to work properly.
  • How frequent is the servicing on the QUICK Gyro and what is expected?
    Every 2000 hrs and/or 2 years. A visual inspection of the unit, and greasing of the bearings. Annually- a visual inspection of the hydraulics and flywheel and electrical connections.
  • How long is the warranty?
    2 years, or 2000hrs
  • DC vs AC units, are they the same?"
    Yes, our few Gyros, that come in both AC or DC, do the same amount of stabilization. It makes it possible to run a gyro on battery power without running a genset, and leaves the option open to mid sized boats that don't have a genset installed.
  • How involved is the install?
    Every vessel is different, Some can be just a few days, others can take a couple weeks.
  • Can I use a smaller gyro than recommended?
    No, the gyro we recommend for your boat is the size needed. Undersizing a gyro will not be as effective and would put unnecessay wear on the gyro components due to overloading. Would you walk around in shoes that were undersized all day?
  • Is a haul out necessary for my larger vessel?
    No, in most cases haul out is not necessary for an install.
  • How long will my install take?
    Every boat is different, but usually about 1 week per stabilizer is a safe bet. However, we are very busy so it is always beneficial to get on the schedule in advance of expecting a MC2 Quick gyro installation.
  • What if my boat already has a Seakeeper or is Seakeeper ready?
    If your boat has an older or struggling Seakeeper ( working or not ) in most cases I can swap it out for only the cost of our unit. Some restrictions will apply. Minimum size is for our x19k, exceeds equivelent of SK9 or M8000. We keep your old unit. We don't include access in this program, IE: Cutting and replacing flooring, decking, furniture, moving or replacing engine components ect. THIS SWAP OUT PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY ONLY VALID UNTIL THE END OF THIS YEAR. 2020 Seakeeper ready boats are also a snap for install.
  • Why does my boat need to be sized?
    Every boat that Quick authorizes a boat stabilizer installed upon must have it's own sizing application sheet filled out.
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