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Mc2 Quick Gyro Stabilizers

MC2 Quick Gyro Stabilizers are effective at reducing your boat roll, and increasing your comfort level. This is one yacht accessory you don't want to live without. Ask about retro fitting a Quick Gyro Stabilizer into your current boat or Yacht. Marine Engine and Electronics is the preferred after sales installation specialist for many local Yacht Brokers and Yacht Manufacturers. I am happy to guide you through the easy process of sizing and retro fitting your boat for a yacht stabilizer. Located in Costa Mesa, Ca  We can easily install your stabilizer in your slip from Dana Point to San Pedro, and in most cases your yacht will not need to be hauled out. 

     Our AC Gyro Stabilizers are sized as small as the X5,for boats under 30' to our X75 for Yachts around 100' in a single unit installation, multiple units can be fitted to fit Yachts 400 tons plus. Multiple stabilizer voltage options are available as well 110-220VAC

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