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DuraBrite’s Pro Series pushes the lumens-to-weight ratio boundaries to the extreme. Its sleek, rugged, and powerful design offers 50,000 lumens, still with a low current draw that has become synonymous with the DuraBrite name. The Pro, with its standard wired dimming feature, represents our most powerful and cost effective light to date for land and marine applications.

Military grade design and state-of-the-art technology are key staples of every product we produce, and the Pro Series is exemplary of this commitment to design. The IP68 rated Pro Series is natively DC powered at 12v/24v, and is available for both spot and flood optics. Additionally, for AC power applications, a separate AC adapter is available for purchase.

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PRO SERIES 12/24/32vdc auto detect(40-50k Lumen)

  • Optical & Electrical Characteristics (All ratings are at 25°C unless otherwise specified) LED Color, CCT Typical = 5000K (Neutral white) 2800K option available as Special Order Brightness, dimmable 50,000 lm at 24VDC & 32VDC 40,000 lm at 12VDC Beam Angle 25 deg (Spot) 76 deg (Flood) Operating Voltage Auto detect 12VDC, 24VDC, 32VDC *Most efficient to operate at 24VDC for max brightness Current Draw Approx. 14A at 32VDC Approx. 18A at 24VDC Approx. 26A at 12VDC Total Power Consumption 440W at 24VDC & 32VDC 304W at 12VDC Mechanical Qualifications Water Resistance IP68 (submerged to 4.5 ft water for 30min) Moisture Resistance 65°C / 95% RH Mil-Std-883 TM 1004.7 Salt Spray / Corrosion Resistance 240 hrs @ 35°C ASTM B 117-09 /ASTM D1654-08 Temperature Range -40°C to 55°C Mil-Std-883 TM1010.8 Mechanical Shock 30G, 11ms Half Sine, 3-axes (+ve/-ve) Mil-Std-202 TM213B Vibration Resistance 100,000 cycles, 3-axes ANSI C136.31

    All specs are the property of DuraBright Lights. Subject to change without notice. 

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